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Twenty Three : September


Twenty Three : September 2013 — Today I am seventeen. Some days the words come easily, and other days like these, they simply don’t. I wish that I had some type of profound and heartfelt meditation that I could share, or perhaps make today sound more interesting than it really is. I have tried searching […]

Twenty Three : August


Twenty Three : August 2013 — In all honesty, August nearing its end is rather sad. It means that summer is gone and the time has come to get back into the swing of things. September’s appearance, though, excites me. It means big sweatshirts, golden leaves, hot chocolate, theology reads, good food, and the sweetest […]

Twenty Three : July


“Grace carried me here and by grace I’ll carry on.” Twenty Three : July 2013 — I swear I say something along these lines whenever I talk to someone in person or write something on here. but man, does life feel like a whirlwind, and from the looks of it, things don’t seem to be […]