Twenty Three : July

hannah forsberg

“Grace carried me here and by grace I’ll carry on.”

Twenty Three : July 2013 — I swear I say something along these lines whenever I talk to someone in person or write something on here. but man, does life feel like a whirlwind, and from the looks of it, things don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. School starts back up again in three weeks, and what, I am gonna be a Junior?! To me, that is so crazy. Also, I just redid my blog layout from Tofurious’ theme, and I got a new logo from Typeset Design which I am amped about.

In these past 30 days i felt uncertain, confused, and helplessly clueless. I felt insecure, inadequate, prideful, and invincible sometimes all at once. I became even more aware of my sin and desperate need of a Savior. I am learning to trust and experiencing joy. I live an ordinary life but walk a crazy path. Through all the tears and sweat, this month has marked so many sweet blessings. (I should write about that later.) Old friendships are becoming deeper and new ones are blossoming beautifully. I’m learning to love others even more genuinely and to be joyful and humble in the midst of conflict. I’m learning to be patient and compassionate. I am daring to dream a bit bigger and surrendering and placing things at the cross. I’ve eaten more chicken with Polynesian sauce than I care to imagine and have said “myeee plehhsurreh” probably too many times outside of work. I am realizing that I am where I am supposed to be, what is to come will come in time, and though what I may do, in no way can I disturb what has been declared before time began. Blows my mind how unworthy I am, but how faithful He is.

listening: The Civil Wars (THEY NEVER GET OLD.)
reading: Passion & Purity by Elisabeth Elliot
enjoying: Chocolatey Chip Frapp from Starbucks.
just tried it and dang does it make my tastebuds sing.
dreading: Creepers at work & awkward compliments/interactions.

  1. New layout & logo are beautiful!!!

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