Twenty Three : September

Twenty Three : September 2013 — Today I am seventeen. Some days the words come easily, and other days like these, they simply don’t. I wish that I had some type of profound and heartfelt meditation that I could share, or perhaps make today sound more interesting than it really is. I have tried searching my soul for words to say, but this is all I have. And I’ve realized, that’s okay. Sometimes the words to describe the deepest feelings within your heart or the thoughts you’ve kept locked inside don’t exist.

However, I do want to say this: Overlooking the end goal and opening your eyes to your current state can be some of the most meaningful and most precious of times. You slowly start to realize that behind all the disappointments and hurt and tears, life’s journey doesn’t have to be walked alone. Those times where you sit whispering with tears rolling down your cheeks while talking with a friend who will just hug you, remain as some of the most dearest of memories. The little notes you receive on lined paper, written from the heart, warm the spirit. You start to realize that there is so much beauty and love and joy and grace in the everyday, and because of that, life becomes a little bit sweeter. I am so very thankful.

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