Twenty Three : August

Twenty Three : August 2013 — In all honesty, August nearing its end is rather sad. It means that summer is gone and the time has come to get back into the swing of things. September’s appearance, though, excites me. It means big sweatshirts, golden leaves, hot chocolate, theology reads, good food, and the sweetest yet busiest of times.
It has been two weeks since school began and already, my quiet days where all I had to worry about was work have vanished…and I long for their return. With the crazy instruction and assignments already piling up, I’ve resorted to learning off good old YouTube and using lots of lined paper with “To Do:” written at the top.

I’ve realized more and more that God’s hand is in every little detail in my life. From failing a driver’s test (because pulling out in front of a truck who stopped is dangerous and erratic behavior, obviously) to buying a new camera, and making new friends..God is so faithful and everything happens according to His purpose and His glory. Things have happened so unexpectedly and have hit me like a truck. All I’ve been able to do is get up and dust myself off and continue on. I’ve been shown that when the things around me spin out of control, there God is, beside me. This past month has been humbling to say the least, and boy, do I still have a long way to go.

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