3 Years Ago

YOU GUYS! 3 years ago in 2016 I quit my job flipping chicken to focus on becoming an entrepreneur. Holy moly!

Despite what people might say you need to start a business, rather than start up investments, the formal education (I was technically a freshman in college 3 years ago), the biggest thing you need is the courage and faith to jump all in BEFORE you’re ready, before you have “it” all together.

I’ll be honest with you, starting businesses was a terrifying leap of faith. I had no idea if what I was doing was the smartest thing, or possibly one of the dumbest mistakes, simply because I wasn’t sure if the timing was right and I didn’t in a lot of ways feel ready. I started before being “qualified” and I didn’t have all the answers and I had to be honest with myself about that. I didn’t even really know how to sell myself or what marketing really even meant. But what I did know, was that I believed I was talented and that my dreams were worth giving a chance.

I think as humans we are all risk-averse, wanting to make sure that we have the ok and approval from others that what we are dreaming is acceptable. Wanting to make sure that every little detail is in line. But friends, when you can look back, haven’t the most wonderful things come from “imperfect” circumstances? Like, guys, for instance, Jesus was born in a dirty barn. (was that too much of a stretch?? should I have used another example?? yikes. )

I’ll stop while I’m ahead. But y’all. Three. Years. I’m so thankful for the lessons learned and those who’ve trusted and encouraged, and who’ve shaped me along the way. It’s overwhelming to think would could happen in another three, but I’m here with hands wide open.

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