What the Last 2.5 Years as a Business Owner has Taught Me

Being a creative business is learning the following lessons:

  1. Having a heart of service whilst saying “no” to unrealistic requests and expectations.

  2. Refusing to do, say, or act in a way that goes against your beliefs, faith, or morals.

  3. Loving difficult people and responding with kindness and grace at all times while not allowing manipulation, toxicity, or the opportunity to be taken advantage of.

  4. Having confidence in what you charge and what you offer, only accepting work that is worth your time and brings joy.

  5. Creating boundaries for rest & not feeling guilty (still learning).

  6. Letting go of people. This might sound harsh but it’s true. I’m talking about:

Those who don’t show up

Those who have negative mindsets around their own self worth and their money

Those who don’t dream big and aren’t willing to even consider visualizing how their life could be different

Those who are afraid to have difficult conversations and would rather have issues fester silently than being brave enough to speak up and get them resolved

Those who are afraid to act or take chances because of the opinion of others

Those who use complaining, sarcasm, or gossip as a way to start and maintain conversation

Those who don’t follow through

Those who were never willing to invest in themselves in the first place – these individuals were never going to be your clients no matter how good your service is or the value that’s offered

Thankful for the last 2.5 years that have given me a backbone and taught me these things. There is so much more growth and change to come. I’m sure of it.

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