Charles & Becca | Preacher’s Rock Proposal


Charles has been a long time friend of mine and attends the same church as I do. About two years ago, Becca came to our church college group where she met Charles and the two began dating this past year. The rest, is history. 

Last week, Charles reached out and told me about his plan to propose to Becca, asking me to come along and document it. It didn’t even more than a moment to reply “YES YES YES”. Charles had the idea to hike up to Preacher’s Rock with Becca a few days before Christmas, which is a segment off of the Appalachian Mountain Trail. It is about 2 hours from Atlanta and is located right next to Dahlonega and Helen, which are popular wedding venue locations because of the mountains. This particular summit also happens to be one of Becca’s favorites and is an easy 2-mile hike round trip. The rock is positioned perfectly positioned facing towards the East and overlooks a valley which is still green this time of year, making it a breathtaking location to watch the sunrise. You’ll be able to see how beautifully the light dances with the trees and how pink and glow-y everything is at dawn in the photos below. 

Charles said that he had found Becca’s ring earlier than he initially thought and since both are leaving town for Christmas tomorrow, the two had already planned their own Christmas celebration together: hiking, playing Christmas carols, eating breakfast together, and opening presents at the top of the mountain right at sunrise. The time together would already be romantic and would be the perfect occasion and setting to propose What wasn’t planned, though, was the snow that morning. And boy oh boy, did it help make this day even more magical. That morning, the two arrived in the parking lot at dawn as the snow fell and the two walked up the mountain together, gifts in hand, along with firewood, fur blankets, cushions, and even a Christmas tree. From there, the two exchanged gifts, drank a holiday mix, and then, Charles had Becca stand up and read a letter. As she was reading the letter, Charles then got down on one knee.

These two have such a sweet love for each other and so often share the sweetest laughs together. It’s so obvious how beautifully these two care for the other and complement one another, never taking life or themselves too seriously. Being a part of this day and trusted to capture this season of life for these two is something that I will never take for granted, and I’m so excited to see what is in store for the future Mr. and Mrs. Page! 

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