When You Feel Like Your Year Isn’t Shaping Up How You Intended

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If there’s one thing that I’ve learned all throughout the last year in 2018 it would be this:

that your song is being orchestrated far more beautifully behind the scenes in a way that will be far better than you could ever imagine.

Often times when we think about something that went our way, we are looking back at how wonderfully everything worked together and often equate that to random chance and happenings. But, I’m a believer that everything is orchestrated by a loving, caring hand, that knows us far better than we know ourselves, allowing and giving only what is best for us. Bringing into our lives no more than what we need, and no less than what our hearts can handle.

The answers and events that happen in our lives might not be exactly how we imagined – perhaps that even means that we don’t receive what we want in the time that we want, or things are taken from us. And we are left on our knees, with empty, tattered, hearts and open hands. I learned that a lot last year. But it was interesting because in place of what I wanted, and hoped and prayed for, I was given something far better. 

Instead of clients, I was given new friends that I didn’t know that I needed. Instead of graduating 3 semesters early, because I accidentally messed up my classes, that mishap on my end led me to meeting the love of my life. Instead of staying at a job that required me to say no to my dreams, I left that management position not knowing what would happen; and now I am a 22-year-old doing things that I had never fathomed. Instead of playing it safe and staying comfortable, I took a leap of faith and I invested a lot of money into something that I was not entirely sure would be worth it, uncertain if my investment would pay off; but what happened was I grew as a woman, I grew in bravery, and I grew in an understanding myself and my faith more. 

So friends, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, burnt out this Friday, or perhaps you’re feeling like those resolutions that you set on January 1 will never happen, remember to give yourself grace and realize that it’s ok not to be rushing and running all of the time. Remember that in the seasons where things are slow, the moments when the nights seem long and when your world seems to be crashing down all around you, remember that there is a caring, tender, and loving hand always working something out behind the scenes that will grow you, shape you, and mold you to who you’re meant to be. 

Photo: Hannah Forsberg Styling: Tristan Needham Design Paper: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy Hmua: Margaret Snider Artistry Suit: Modern Gent Atlanta Gown: BHLDN Floral: @maryewynn for Amy Osaba Design

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