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Rachel Is a wedding planner here in Atlanta, and I’m so excited because after years of knowing her, we finally get to work together on a wedding for next year! I met Rachel about two years ago when she had recently gotten married and with starting her wedding planning business, called Slauer Events.  Rachel reached out to me over social media and asked me to meet for coffee to talk about her new business that she was hoping to open. At first I’ll be honest, I was still in school and balancing a lot and I almost turned her down. However I’m so happy that I did not! Rachel has been a dear friend of mine and we share a common love for Jesus and beautifully designed weddings. I distinctly remember during our first conversation how much I loved her sweet heart and gentle spirit. She loved Jesus and I knew immediately I wanted to be friends with her. I also remember that we talked a lot about how do we incorporate our faiths into our business, since we don’t always have the opportunity to share the gospel openly.  This has been a theme of discussion for us over the last few years and she has been  such an encouragement to me and my friend Erin Ryser!

 Rachel and I have had the opportunity to work together on various styled shoot’s, which are great to build portfolios. I have a whole spiel on why styled shoots are important, but that aside, what I absolutely love about Rachel during styled shoot’s is that she is so organized, and has a great eye for style and design. Everything that we’ve worked on together has been published and it has been absolutely incredible.

What I love about Rachel during styled shoots is that she is so organized and has a great eye for style and design. Not only that, she completely trusts my photography skills and my ideas. Everything that we’ve worked on together has been wedding oriented and has been featured in publications. I’m so grateful for her since it wouldn’t be possible without her!

Last year, Rachel asked my boyfriend and me to model for a styled shoot that she was hosting with another photographer in downtown Savannah, Georgia. Both of us and our guys arrived the day before the shoot, and decided that we would all go together to the Historic Wormsloe Site and Plantation. Rachel and Ryan have a joy that’s so evident and sweet together. Rachel was newly pregnant, and expecting her first little one with her husband Ryan. I just so happened to bring along my camera on that day, and I had the opportunity to photograph the two of them for a few moments.

Since our time together, Rachel is a new mom and her wedding planning business is growing exponentially. She now has a incredible team underneath her and is balancing motherhood so well, something I aspire to do.

She’s also moving up north so that Ryan can finish his residency! Lots of change for the sweet family, but I’m so grateful for their friendship and I cannot wait to see what happens for them!

I hope you enjoy the photos below! 

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