6 books that will transform your entire mindset

I truly believe it’s important to actively invest in yourself and stay up to date with some of the best business and marketing minds in the industry. Although I’m not a reader, these books stopped me in my tracks and shifted the entire way I thought about business and marketing.

I was a marketing major in undergrad, so naturally I tend to gravitate to books that have to do with the subject! Here are some of my favorite books that will be a the kick in the shin you need and that will inspire you to take action:

All Marketers are Liars – SO GOOD. And it’s not what you think. This shifted my entire approach to marketing with integrity and having a heart of service.

The War of Art – Everyone needs to read this. It’s good for anyone who wants to do something purposeful in life. While it is written with the assumption that the reader is in the midst of a creative/entrepreneurial venture, it’s a must-read for anyone!

SPIN Selling – This is how I approach all of my phone consultations. It’s such a good method to help you keep a mental checklist of what to cover and goes to the heart of truly trying to understand your client and only recommend what is best.

How to Write Copy that Sells – Your sales copy is so important; and most others know when you’re trying to sell something. This is the book that teaches you how to be a salesperson without being “salesy”.

Never Eat Alone – I’m still working through this but it’s a great book about building connections and relationships with others with intention.

#Girlboss – Just an overall great motivational book. I love this since it shows that anyone can build something great from the ground up and tells the story of Sophia, who built an empire with nothing.

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