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Margaret Ann & Little Asher


About a year ago, Margaret Ann brought little Asher into the world. And let me tell you, witnessing the love, tenderness, joy between baby and mama is so so precious. Being privileged to capture this meaningful part of their story literally means the world to me; I love that I’m able to document a part […]

Shelby & Garrett


There’s something about these two that makes you want to get to know them. The way they look at each other and Shelby’s hearty laugh and Garrett’s servant heart. These two share such a sweet, sweet tenderness…you know, the kind that makes you smile when you think about it. Our session was filled with coffee […]

so this is my heart…adoption : part i


  part one | part two | part three Let me begin by stating: I haven’t in the slightest clue of how to start what I want to say. I notice that a lot about myself, lately. I was not entirely sure if this would even make it onto the blog. Perhaps starting off by […]

The Brothers.


These boys have my heart, and they’re my brothers. They’re the most kind, driven, loving, and serving boys I know. These two are the ones who will sweetly say, “Goodmorning, Hannah”, and who will cheerfully carry my bags to the car with a smile. They’re the ones who have no hesitation when opening a door […]

Forgotten Autumn Frames


December’s arrival came with a swift kick to the shin…I don’t think many people were ready for it. Or, at least, I certainly wasn’t. Everything just seems to be happening all at once. & Nowadays, you don’t really know what quite to expect with this Georgia weather. 75 degrees one day, and then in less […]



Love this dear, sweet cousin of mine with my whole heart. She understands my offbeat, strange sense of humor and is basically the definition of jammin. Thankful for her. Enjoy these! Cheers, Hannah

Quite Thankful


I have been prodding my heart and pondering my thoughts more than usual. I suppose that’s what happens during a break…I suppose that’s a good thing. I’m learning to become more appreciative of the today. the right now. this very moment. I’m seeing the beauty and joy and fondness of it in each passing hour […]

ALLIE // Woodstock Senior Portraits


I’m fairly certain that in everyone’s book, Allie is one of the dearest, most loveliest of people. She’s soft spoken, kind, and an avid supporter of rice and Asian Power. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to take her senior photos. 🙂

L Family // Marietta Square Portraits


Last week, I had the wonderful privilege of photographing this lovely family from my church in the ever-so-lovely Marietta Square. Enjoy this snippet!