Quite Thankful

I have been prodding my heart and pondering my thoughts more than usual. I suppose that’s what happens during a break…I suppose that’s a good thing. I’m learning to become more appreciative of the today. the right now. this very moment. I’m seeing the beauty and joy and fondness of it in each passing hour because there is so much to be overflowingly and wholly thankful for. Wouldn’t you agree?

family, because no one would be able to put up with your terrible singing, and how much you play that favorite tune on the piano, over and over and over. because they will love you despite your off-days and annoying laugh and off-beat sense of humor. because they will love you even if you burn the dinner and when you snap at them because you’re frustrated. because they’re the only ones who will tease you about your dreams and who won’t let you throw it away so easily. because they’re the ones who encourage you to follow Christ and who teach you more about yourself than you could ever know. and because they’re the ones in which “I love you” can never be said too many times and mean something you could never explain.

grace, because the times are countless when I deserved the worst, and am showered with very much better. I have proven myself unworthy of so much, yet I have been given so much when I deserved it least. heaven when I deserved hell. forgiveness when I deserved judgement. love when I deserved a punch in the gut. goodness when I deserved hate. food when I deserved to starve. family when I deserved to live in the streets. life when I deserved death. Fathers when I deserved none.

the little things, because there’s nothing like the little blessings that point you more and more to the Savior. sleeping in, because you’re reminded of your dependency on Him to give you rest. that 4am-4pm black friday shift, because you realize that while yes, there will be grumpy customers and you’ll be sleepy yourself, you’ve been blessed with a job that not everyone has. long talks with sweet friends, because you’re able to share your heart honestly, and fully, and see the light in their eyes and hear their voice and embrace their hugs. A shorter day of light because it pushes you to use your time better and fully. late nights reading the Word and writing in a tattered journal, because you’re able to reflect on your journey in the here and now and see God’s hand in every single thing.

my blog readers, because you all strike a chord and encourage me with your kind, kind words. my friends who want me to take their photos and enter their lives, because you all believe in the girl who’s trying to chase her dreams. I’m grateful for you. You bless me in more ways that I can imagine.

Oh friends, let us be thankful this Thanksgiving, yes, but let thankfulness and gratefulness be boundless and last always, evident in your entire being. God is so very kind indeed. Happiest of Thanksgivings.

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