Forgotten Autumn Frames

December’s arrival came with a swift kick to the shin…I don’t think many people were ready for it. Or, at least, I certainly wasn’t. Everything just seems to be happening all at once. & Nowadays, you don’t really know what quite to expect with this Georgia weather. 75 degrees one day, and then in less than 24 hours, it drops down to 40 (yes, it really did happen). The craziness commences now that everyone’s starting to realize that, “Oh, there’s less than two weeks until Christmas”. I’m slowly starting to embrace it by celebrating it early with my dear family. This season, I’ve gotten approximately around 5 tacky-looking sweaters as well as the repeating Christmas jingles on my Spotify— with about 5 different versions of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. I’ll miss Autumn, though. It’s been real. Here are a few, forgotten autumn frames as a tribute to that glorious season. Enjoy.








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