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I have a question


Why is it that whenever I go to social media, I feel insignificant afterwards? Why does it seem that, especially online, people have better, more exciting lives than I do? Why is it so hard being content? I can’t help but often feel that pang of jealousy…inadequacy…comparison stealing my joy. But perhaps this is just […]

Choosing joy


This morning I came across this quote written by Steve Robinson: “Worrying is temporary atheism.” Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m a worrier. The quote was a definite slap in the face and boy did I need it. It’s sad that I can always find something to worry about; whether it be about […]



Currently working on re-doing my wall of stickie notes. I’m helplessly picky about the handwriting, so this might take longer than usual. Tuesdays are the days where I have smudged eyeliner from the day before, hair up in a messy bun, and where I walk around barefoot wearing these pants all day. The light in […]

Looking forward.


2012 was a year characterized by grace. Lots and lots of grace. When January came and went, I had written briefly about the new year but never fully expanded on it. I feel as though March is an awkward month for writing these types of things— too late for a list of New Year resolutions, […]

real life.


It’s rather alarming how quickly this winter is going by, but I can’t necessarily say that I’ll be disappointed when this season is over. The cold nights and early sun sets have never been things I particularly have ever longed for. My heart can’t wait for the days to return where I can go bare […]