I have a question

Why is it that whenever I go to social media, I feel insignificant afterwards? Why does it seem that, especially online, people have better, more exciting lives than I do? Why is it so hard being content? I can’t help but often feel that pang of jealousy…inadequacy…comparison stealing my joy. But perhaps this is just me.

The answer to those above questions is this: I’m a selfish human being.

I realized that, the Internet only captures a moment in time— not the before or after. We’re given a small detail and get to run with it. That photo shows her laughter but not those tears she cried the night before. That update marks his milestone of success, but it doesn’t show those days where everything was out of control.

Looking at what I’ve posted in the past and summing all those up, my life looks pretty awesome. But honestly, my life isn’t perfect although I prefer to portray it like that. My heart is so fickle, so prideful, so conceited!

It’s easy to become so caught up in the stresses of life that I forget what really matters. I get too tied up with trying to get those perfect shots for Instagram and Vine that I miss the things that can’t be remade. I miss the bursts of joy and excitement with those around me because my face is glued to my phone— envying others and what I don’t have. I miss precious time and conversations with God and the people I love. I hope that I’m not the only one who struggles with this.

Instead of updating your status to how you won another game of Mouse Trap, play the game again. Instead of posting on that person’s wall, why don’t you call them and invite them to coffee? Instead of wanting to get 50 likes on your profile picture, why don’t you tell someone that they mean a lot to you? Instead of wishing your hair and wardrobe and face looked like hers, sign off and thank the Lord for making you, simply you.

Friends, learn how to be content with where you are in life and stop comparing yourself to others. I’m learning each and every day and I’m so convicted. Remember that Jesus is all you need, despite how appealing others’ lives are around you. &Chances are, that person’s life probably isn’t all that glamorous as it’s made out to be. Instead of focusing on other people’s lives and what you don’t have, strive to constantly say, “I am full and content by the grace of God.”

  1. ellen says:

    Hey this is hard to do with my phone! Great pics. You shi love you!ould come hang out with us in our room!

  2. Micaiah says:

    Wow… such insight. I believe that first paragraph describes how many young people often feel, myself included. Not many people these days are content (Christians included). It all goes back to that selfish, sinful nature. You have a lot of wisdom, Hannah. I’m glad you’re sharing it with the rest of us. : )

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