Just being normal.

It’s okay to be normal. I’ve realized lately how much society pushes for individuality. How everyone nowadays should be different and stand out…Be a head taller (haha, never happening) and have a “thing” that they’re good at. Graduate high school with distinction and leave an impact. Every human is different, but when it comes down to myself, the lines start to blur and it’s hard to distinguish if I really am different, or if I’m like everyone else around me. When I truly ask myself, what makes me different; the honest answer is I don’t know. I guess I’m just normal. And that’s totally okay.

Summer is only 43 days away. The last day of school, it’s always the cliché, “Let’s hang out over summer!” but part of you knows that chances are, it probably won’t happen often, if at all. Summer is the season of change. So many people and things change, and it’s scary. Time flies, sometimes quite literally. Part of me wants it to slow way down, but another part of me can’t wait for what the future holds. School this year has brought its many joys, and before I know it I’ll be a junior. It’s strange, realizing that I’m growing up because quite frankly, I still sometimes feel like a freshman.

Sometimes, it’s better not to think and just enjoy the moment instead. I’m that type of person who likes to over think things, especially things that don’t matter, and when I do, it’s easy to miss those little joys in life that cannot be remade. I like to wonder what people think about me and if my bangs looked weird that day, or if people noticed how I tripped going up the stairs. I’m learning how to laugh at myself and spend my time well; remembering the things worth remembering.

Think greater thoughts of Christ. I’ve noticed how easily I tend to become upset or stressed in situations. But, if I think greater thoughts of Christ and focus on how He’s all I really need, how different my perspective on life can be! Finishing that paper can be put off until tomorrow, and sending that angry, pride-filled, message to someone turns into something more humbling.

Spending time with people is so worth it, even if it’s only for a minute. It’s just not the same over text or Facebook. Spending time with someone in-person, face-to-face, is very much more sweeter. Much deeper, more meaningful conversations abound where you can see that glint in their eye, or that way their nose scrunches up when they laugh.

These were some of the many thoughts that happened today, just a normal Tuesday.

  1. Natalie says:

    So. this post is just lovely. I totally get the “being normal, being average” thing, I think the same thing some times! But, wasn’t it encouraging to hear Mrs. Hembree’s point about just being average? It’s not about glorifying ourselves in our uniqueness, but to glorify and reflect Christ’s glory.
    By the way, life has kind of ? slowed down so we should try again to set up a coffee date. 🙂

    love you Hannah!

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