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It’s rather alarming how quickly this winter is going by, but I can’t necessarily say that I’ll be disappointed when this season is over. The cold nights and early sun sets have never been things I particularly have ever longed for. My heart can’t wait for the days to return where I can go bare foot around the house.

These past few months have kept my schedule extremely filled, but amidst the many feelings of busyness and overwhelmingness of life, there have also been the few moments in which time was sweetly spent with family and friends. Since my last writing, I completed most of my January goals including launching my website and now this blog, both being a huge deal for me. With this as my first blog post, I spent a good few hours searching my heart for ideas on writing here. So easy is it for me to fall into the mindset of wanting anything I publish to be thought-provoking and heart-wrenching..not really what’s on my heart at the time I sit down to type words. I’m trying to change that, though. I’d like to start sharing parts of my real life, not fake or overdone. This realization is this: I shouldn’t write to impress, and I certainly shouldn’t take photos to supposedly have a life that seems more interesting. I do both because I genuinely love taking part in each.

Today is Tuesday. Just a quiet, winter day. Normally, these days are overflowing with homework assignments to be completed for tomorrow and feelings of hurriedness. But today has been different, in a good way. This Tuesday has been still. One filled with thoughts of the Lord’s graciousness. The rain recently stopped and the sun is starting to peek through the clouds sending a dim light through my window. I like that a lot. I am quite happy and so very content. These past few weeks have been filled with blushing smiles and bursts of laughter. This is my real life right now. Welcome to the blog, friends.

  1. Kathy Tenenbaum says:

    So very proud of you! Love the website! Love YOU!

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