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Earlier this spring, I spent time going through archives of my work and I couldn’t place a finger on why I felt certain years were highlight years of my career. After pondering and journaling, I came to a realization of a few things, leaving me encouraged and re-inspired (and I’ve already created some of my favorite work *ever*, to date, that I’m eager to share). I hope that a couple of these notes/thoughts might do the same for you.


While this entire post could be a lengthy conversation in of itself, here’s the shorter cliff-notes version:

1 – Enough time has passed where I can objectively look at my work without emotions intertwined. Creating art is vulnerable and deeply personal – I realize it’s difficult to look at my most recent work without being my own harshest critic. It’s even more uncomfortable to lay yourself bare and showcase my work directly after it’s produced.

2 – Back then, I felt more freedom in sharing the photography I truly loved (like families, iPhone photos, etc). I think that approach showed not only my range and capabilities, but also allowed others more insight into my world.

2 – Before early/mid 2019(?) a majority of what I was sharing came from simulated portfolio-building scenarios. Yes, it was pretty, but objectively, a lot of my photos lacked depth.

Now, I’m showcasing *real* humans and *real* celebrations exclusively. And for that, I’m grateful.

I should also be proud of myself and this evolution. I should give myself a lot of grace because there’s a significant difference between manufactured photoshoots and working on a wedding with actual scope, time, and environmental constraints.

3 – My approach back then was a lot more…wide-eyed and childlike. By that, I mean I wasn’t interested in appeasing industry norms and expectations. I simply wanted to create art. I didn’t feel pressure to fit into a routine in order to stay relevant. I was compelled to create art that filled my creative cup, and my professional growth followed suit.

So friends, what will you be doing differently this year? If you’re feeling stuck, I’d encourage you to delve into your old work and take a moment to ponder. I think that you’ll come back inspired and ready to create your best work yet. <3

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