Interior Designer Mikel Welch: Pottery Barn Project

Earlier this year, I photographed Mikel Welch’s collaboration with Pottery Barn where he transformed this entire space into a beautiful neutral palette and then for the second part of the session, we gave it an updated fresh autumn look with rich and crisp tones.

Mikel Welch is a celebrity interior designer based in New York City, and has appeared on HGTV’s Design Star series and makes appearances on Drew Barrymore’s show. He’s also the host of his own show, Murder House Flip, which is so much fun to watch!

It’s been so fun to lean into the interior side of things with my photography, because it’s such a refreshing change of pace compared to weddings: I get to use the marketing side of my brain and ask: “How can I photograph this in such a way where it not only tells the story and design of a room, but also makes the viewer want to purchase a product?”

This indoor loft was originally a deep red/rust color, and because of Mikel, it became a stunning loft that accentuated the natural light and made the gorgeous 18-foot windows a center piece of the room. All that you see, from the couch, to the console, the curtains, and down to the items used for styling are from Pottery Barn, and it’s truly a sight to behold in person.


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