2022 Reflections



What a long road and a gracious Hand that’s brought us here.

This past holiday season has been the first time in years that I truly gave myself permission to rest – no deadlines to be met, no expectations. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been in a constant state of hurry. The past few weeks, and really, 2022 in general, has been such a gift for our family and balm to the soul that’s also forced us to grow.

As a couple: We focused a lot on renovating our home and traveling with our two 90lb rescue dogs (passions of ours that we love to do together). Corey joined me full-time at the end of summer (a huge blessing and dream come true), and we launched @studiomysa.co, a natural light studio that’s also available to other photographers.

Professionally: It’s been one of the most rewarding and stretching seasons of my entire career. It feels like we’re simultaneously in a season of harvest and spring…We’ve traveled more than we ever have for destination weddings all around the country. We’ve hit milestones 16-year-old me would only dream of. And yet, it can feel like I’m back to the first day of school – realizing that I still have much to learn.

Personally: 2022 felt like sparring – the final test before receiving your belt. Jab jab jab, right hook, a punch to the gut. Having only a split second to act on what you’ve trained for and trusting the memory in your muscles. You come out on the other side: a little bruised perhaps, but better, stronger, and with grit.

2022 was an awakening that showed me that it is safe to be who I am in this industry…that I can be safe in my own skin. that there is power in being gentle enough with yourself to allow yourself to take up space in this world and be who you are.

My walk with depression forced me to seek out what mattered most, to ask for help, and to deepen my faith. It demanded that I be selective with where I spend my time and to be bold with speaking truth to what the mind can so often distort. And while its presence is one with which I’m still learning how to coexist, I’m grateful for the way it’s shown me to hold gratitude for the days filled with joy.

All that to say – thank you. For your love, for your prayers, for your support, and for your presence. It is so deeply felt and seen.

-The Clousers



Take a peek at the Instagram Reel we put together of some of the 2023 highlights below:


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