Erin & Joe | Atlanta Family Photographer

I met Erin early last year for the first time through my friend Rachel Slauer, who is a wedding planner in Atlanta at an editorial. You can see the photos of that here! Erin is the owner of a luxury hair and makeup business that serves brides all over the southeast (visit by clicking here). Over the last year, she’s become one of my dearest friends. We share a mutual love for our Jesus and love trying to strategize and think about our businesses. She is such a calming presence and warming personality, something that is so needed on a wedding day. She’s originally from Alabama but lived a few places, both foreign and domestic, before ending up in Georgia. For a long time before she was in the world of weddings, she was a teacher with a degree in science. She says that she always thought of myself as lacking in the creative category until she discovered she was able to easily follow a bride’s vision for her hair and makeup.

Shortly after meeting, Erin asked me to photograph her and Joe along with her eldest, Jack, inside of their home. Shortly after, Erin met up with both Rachel and myself during Georgia’s biggest snow storm and told us both that she was pregnant with her newest little one, Emilia. Emilia is one of the happiest, calmest babies that you’d ever meet, with the widest and most curious eyes. The whole family came out to this little park with their pup, Pince, to document this new chapter of life as a family of four. I’m so thankful when vendors turn into friends, and when they start growing their families. It’s truly such a precious and exciting aspect of my job that I don’t take for granted, ever.

Photographer: Hannah Forsberg | Film: Portra 400 shot on a Contax 645 developed by Richard’s Photo Lab | Hair and Makeup: Erin Ryser

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