Atlanta History Center Swan House Elopement | Erin & Gavin

Erin & Gavin have a gentleness with one another that’s present in every glance and touch, with a steadfastness that’s endured many of the unknowns of this year.

Erin is a gifted poet and Gavin, a gifted writer and speaker. These two are uniquely equipped in overcoming whatever may be placed in their paths, including changing their wedding plans because of Coronavirus. Originally set to wed this March in Savannah, Georgia, these two had hopes to postpone and marry later this September after the pandemic shut down the nation this spring. 

After difficult conversations with family and the desire to keep their loved ones safe, Erin and Gavin made the decision to elope at the iconic Atlanta History Center’s Swan House, only a few short miles away from their new home. The Swan House is nestled on the top of a hill overlooking a grand lawn in the heart of Buckhead, featuring architecture that makes anyone on the grounds feel as if they’re in old-world Europe.

It was a pleasure navigating this season with Erin and Gavin, and I’m grateful to have had the pleasure of working with them to find a day to celebrate their love in full. If anything, their story is a testament to realizing that ultimately what matters most in a marriage is the commitment and vows that are made, rather than the circumstances and things that pass away.

Here’s what Erin wrote on her blog post about their day:

“We are married. And in the midst of these uncertain times, that is a reassuring thing to say. Despite all we missed by eloping, we wouldn’t change it for the world. We hope when all this passes, when we no longer need to remember our masks and hand soap when we leave the house, when we no longer have to worry about vulnerable loved ones being susceptible to this notorious and fatal virus, we will join together with family and friends to celebrate our union. It may not be until our first anniversary, but the day will come. And in the meantime we can take comfort in knowing we have one another during what has proven to be the most uniquely disquieting time of our lives.”

Photography: @hannah.forsberg
Videography: @compass.films
Venue: @atlantahistorycenter
Cellist: @royharran
Hair: @sarabellehair
Makeup: @thewrightlook_atl
Florals: @french_market_flowers
Cake: @sallysglutenfreebakery
Dress: @larainesboutique
Alterations: @gizzellejamescouturiere

Here’s what Erin wrote about her feelings of the day. Feeling grateful to have been able to work with this sweet couple:

“We eloped, and the day was more perfect than we ever could have imagined. We were originally to be married in March with family and friends, but we had to postpone until fall due to the covid pandemic. After a few weeks, we decided we didn’t want to wait any longer. We just wanted to finally be married. So I started from scratch and pulled together a small elopement, so fortunate to find the most incredible vendors. The days leading up to the elopement were bittersweet; I was often overcome by sadness that my family could not be there, yet I was excitedly looking forward to the day we could call ourselves husband and wife. But when the day arrived, I felt nothing but joy. This was in large part because we were surrounded by people who were devoted to capturing our day so that our family and friends could feel as if they were there. We truly felt as though we were in the company of old friends, which made the day feel like a celebration, even though it was just the two of us. Everyone who took part in making our day special went above and beyond the call of duty. I feel so grateful, blessed, and full of love, and couldn’t be happier to finally be the Mrs. to the love of my life.”

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