Let Go in 2019

Here’s the thing. I wanna challenge you to let go in 2019. It will be far from easy.

Let go of limiting beliefs about yourself – about your abilities, your money, your success. 
Let go of being a perfectionist to the point where it stagnates your growth.
Let go of holding yourself to unrealistic expectations and standards. 
Let go of being anxious, and in turn, trying to manipulate situations. Realize that everything will work out, just the way it needs to be.
Let go of feeling like you are lacking and being in a scarcity mindset. Replace that with gratitude – you are so blessed to be exactly where you are in this life, right now. 

Let go of toxic relationships and people, realize the right people will come into your life at the perfect time.

Let go of these types of people this year: 

Those who don’t show up
Those who don’t dream big and aren’t willing to even consider visualizing how their life could be different
Those who are afraid to have difficult conversations and would rather have issues fester silently than being brave enough to speak up and get them resolved
Those who are afraid to act or take chances because of the opinion of others
Those who use complaining, sarcasm, or gossip as a way to start and maintain conversation
Those who don’t follow through with action
Those who talk about wanting to change their life but don’t do anything about it
Those who were never willing to invest in themselves in the first place – these individuals were never going to be a part of your story no matter how good you/your service is or the value that’s offered. 


This image was created at the beautiful wedding venue, located just south of Atlanta, at a place called Dunaway Gardens. It’s truly one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever had the pleasure of stepping foot on.

Photo: Hannah Forsberg Model: @madelinemcw Styling: Tristan Needham Design Paper: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy Hmua: Margaret Snider Artistry Suit: Modern Gent Atlanta Gown: BHLDN Floral: @maryewynn for Amy Osaba Design

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