In between phases

Realizing more clearly than ever that I have so much to give, so much to offer, and that my career has far more potential than what I’ve allowed myself to dream. It’s an interesting (and a little terrifying!) journey to learn how to allow yourself the permission to take a step back, take a leap of faith forward, and everything in between. I’m so thankful for the ones who are present and lend me their ears as I process, the friends who lend me their hearts as I plan and take risks, and the loved ones who are steady, selfless, and always there. left feeling so expectant, hopeful, and grateful for this season and everybody in it.

Lately, I feel like I have found myself in this strange, in between phase. Having to work through the mindset I’m realizing that I am not defined by my business, by my businesses success, Or by my business’ failures has been tough. I had to wrestle through a lot of questioning what I should be doing with my life and what my purpose is. It is a really difficult place to be in. This is because as an entrepreneur, you are constantly tied to your business and have an entrepreneur especially in the wedding industry, you’re selling yourself:  you are your brand. 

As a fine art film photographer in the Atlanta area, It’s a really busy and full Industry to be in. You can barely cast a stone without hitting another photographer in the area. After being in this business for two years, I’m realizing that at the end of day, I first became a photographer not because of Me wanting to be my own boss, but it was truly because I love serving people and photographing life’s sweetest moments. I have the privilege of photographing tons of weddings in Atlanta as a fine art film photographer, and I’ve learned so much about what it means to be An entrepreneur, what it means to trust Him, and what grit it takes To get up every day and be faithful.

It’s definitely strange, I get to graduate from Kennesaw State University in December and it’s something that I Just Haven’t really left crossed my mind. It’s almost surreal feeling. And I feel like I’m in a place where I have so much I can offer and give. So many of the people that I’ve talked to who are trying to become entrepreneurs, they have had the experience what it’s like to be in a corporate position, and they are aching for The opportunity to see what it’s like to be your own boss. And I am so blessed, Because of the fact that I’ve been able to be my own boss, to be a photographer, to be an entrepreneur and chase my dreams. This job has a lot me to meet so many incredible people, and it’s allowed me Go through school as my only source of income. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m wondering if I will possibly regret Not at least trying to see What my life could look like if I did go into a corporate position, doing marketing, or even just doing something in the creative director position. I think that it would be so wonderful an opportunity that I shouldn’t pass up because of how young I am. And I might find out that I really like it a lot, or I might find that Being a wedding photographer Trudy is my calling in that should be my only calling. I know that I’m in a season of life where I forget that I’m so young, and I have so much time in so much opportunity to make mistakes and so excited to see what happens. 

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