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To Italy


[CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY ITALY WEBSITE] As many of you have heard already, this summer, I have the wonderful opportunity to serve alongside members of my church overseas in Messina, Italy. Thank you all so much, already, for all your prayers and encouragement thus far! A few weeks ago, I launched italy.hannahforsberg.co, my website […]

Justin Morris


I had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow ATL photographer, Justin Morris this past week and talk about our goals and passions. I always come back inspired and encouraged after these types of conversations. It’s so neat to be able to make friends with those who have the same drive and heart for what […]

Midnight title.


From my instagram, @hannah_forsberg. Dearest Reader, It’s midnight— I can barely keep my eyes open, and I don’t regret the silence here one bit. Truthfully, I admit that I’ve even tried sharing my heart…but the right words never came or wove together. The privilege of vulnerability and the boasting of Yahweh and His goodness brings […]

so this is my heart…adoption : part iii


part one |  part two | part three China is something dear to my heart and although I may not mention it much, I reflect on and ponder the thought of adoption often times. Adoption is why I cry whenever I watch Kung Fu Panda 2 . Because friends, adoption is a real, real thing; even if […]

Shelby & Garrett


There’s something about these two that makes you want to get to know them. The way they look at each other and Shelby’s hearty laugh and Garrett’s servant heart. These two share such a sweet, sweet tenderness…you know, the kind that makes you smile when you think about it. Our session was filled with coffee […]



TRUST. my heart, my hope, my prayer for this new year. the word that has been on my tongue and that has kept me up at night. 2014. it’s worth mulling over. it’s through trust we face the unknown. it’s trust in which logic is forsaken and where we rest in grace. no restraints ; […]

so this is my heart…adoption : part i


  part one | part two | part three Let me begin by stating: I haven’t in the slightest clue of how to start what I want to say. I notice that a lot about myself, lately. I was not entirely sure if this would even make it onto the blog. Perhaps starting off by […]

The Brothers.


These boys have my heart, and they’re my brothers. They’re the most kind, driven, loving, and serving boys I know. These two are the ones who will sweetly say, “Goodmorning, Hannah”, and who will cheerfully carry my bags to the car with a smile. They’re the ones who have no hesitation when opening a door […]

Forgotten Autumn Frames


December’s arrival came with a swift kick to the shin…I don’t think many people were ready for it. Or, at least, I certainly wasn’t. Everything just seems to be happening all at once. & Nowadays, you don’t really know what quite to expect with this Georgia weather. 75 degrees one day, and then in less […]