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The Beauty of a Postponed Covid Wedding


“Is having a wedding after postponing worth it?” Was the question I found myself asking for months, leading up to the week before our postponed wedding celebration. You see, my husband and I were supposed to originally wed in the most beautiful spring ceremony at Meadowlark 1939 (the most beautiful boutique wedding venue) in Atlanta […]

Armstrong House & Forsyth Park Savannah, GA Elopement


Hannah and Del met in Downtown Savannah three years ago. Del moved from Europe to pursue new beginnings in Savannah, whilst Hannah was studying nursing. After meeting, these two became inseparable. Alongside Wright & Co. and Margaret Snider, we had the pleasure of documenting these two during the COVID19 pandemic in some of Savannah’s most […]



To the Covid Bride-to-Be: The uncertainty of the past year has been arduous, but I know your heart is especially weary.  Not only are you faced with the stresses of hosting one of the biggest celebrations of your life, but the responsibility of keeping loved ones safe, protecting them against an invisible force, is a […]

Thoughts on 2020.


2020 was the year I’ve been waiting for. How often have we begged for a season to rest? To slow down and spend more time at home with those that matter most? To have a life-shift and to grow? To care less of what others think of us? To be more brave? 2020 has been […]

More than changing a date.


My heart goes out to my COVID-19 couples. It’s more than just changing a date. It’s grappling with the fact that a grandparent may not be able to make it to the new wedding date. It’s grieving the loss of a dream that you’ve likely had since childhood. It’s grieving all the work and money […]

More Time


As we find ourselves with time we didn’t think we would initially have, I’m hopeful that we get to refocus and use these slower days for things that are good, restful, and bring joy. Perhaps at the end of it all, we won’t be as hardwired to work ourselves into the ground. Perhaps we’ll understand […]

only but a small delay | postponing a wedding


My dear brides, If you’ve found yourself in the position of needing to postpone your wedding. Please know you’re not alone. My fiancé and I were planning to wed next week, and we too had to make the painful decision to postpone our wedding. If I’m being honest, it left me feeling at a loss […]

An Open Letter to my Brides | Addressing Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Dear Bride and Groom, As you know, the rapid spread and escalated emergency due to COVID-19 has become a serious concern for many. With the world fighting a heartbreaking problem that has changed lives forever, my heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to those affected by this. As your wedding photographer, I am so grateful […]