Thoughts on 2020.


2020 was the year I’ve been waiting for.

How often have we begged for a season to rest?

To slow down and spend more time at home with those that matter most?

To have a life-shift and to grow?

To care less of what others think of us?

To be more brave?

2020 has been the year that’s taught me (and is still teaching me) resilience and hope.

It’s been the year that’s taught me more of who I am and who I am not.

How defaulting to people-pleasing is a trauma response and that I must honor my boundaries in order to serve others well.

It’s taught me that putting my worth in what others think of me is fleeting, and that who they’ve created me to be in their minds holds no weight because I know where my worth ultimately lies.

It’s helped me believe that I am unconditionally loved and worthy of receiving love and respect from others.

It’s made me more grateful for the gift of a marriage, over a wedding.

It’s taught me how precious life is.

It’s taught me to stand firm in grace and how to fight.

It’s shown me that sometimes, you just gotta create your own sunshine.

It’s taught me how to leave my expectations at the door and how to come to a table with the conviction that everything is working out for good.

2020 has been a heartbreakingly, beautiful year, and the fact that we’re still left standing is a miracle in of itself and worth celebrating.

Wouldn’t you say so?

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