Our Meadowlark 1939 Wedding

*For the best experience, be sure and press “play” on the song while reading and perusing. Fun fact: this was the song that Hannah walked down the aisle to, in our postponed celebration below.

I’ve been keeping these photos from this beautiful September day close to my heart, like a sacred memory to cherish forever. I don’t really have the best words to explain what this year has meant and what these photos mean to me. I’m not sure I ever will.

But what I can say is that this year has left me in awe and humbled, grateful for people who are kind.

Experiencing this season as a bride and business owner simultaneously is something that changes you. It teaches you grit and that there’s beauty in the fact that sorrow and joy can coexist together in a season that’s simultaneously heavy yet filled with grace. If anything, I’m left feeling more grateful than ever for the preciousness of marriage and the promise to walk through arduous times rather than the beauty of a wedding.

This day came as a sigh of relief, an answer to prayer, and as the end to a chapter of ache. Our engagement wasn’t easy, and the events of the nine twelve months leading up to this day had crushed my spirit. I was ready to begin anew.

Six months married at this point (see our elopement here), I had worried that this day would feel insincere and that the moments that had been ripped away would feel less than special. I’m so grateful that I was wrong, though. We renewed our vows again at the beautiful Meadowlark 1939 and every anxious thought was replaced with an unexplainable joy. My dad walked me down the aisle, we sang our favorite hymn, and danced the evening away. This day felt like all the experiences I often have the joy of photographing, and it made me more grateful we had the privilege of postponing. In a lot of ways, this day felt like our real wedding that we never got to have and more special than the day we eloped in March.

We can’t help but have so much gratitude for our incredible vendors who helped us navigate the craziness of this past spring and who were able to celebrate with us in full this past autumn. <3

I’ll never complain about wearing my Alexandra Grecco gown twice, that’s for sure. I was so grateful to have my grandma Phoebe present. It was so important to me to have the woman who came to China to get me be a part of this celebration.

Ugh, there’s so many more portraits I’m dying to share.

At the end of the day, I’m just glad to be in Corey’s arms, as his wife. He protects and cares for my heart well. And for that, I’m forever grateful.

To our incredible friendors, we’re eternally grateful for the way you’ve cared for us so well and have navigated this season with us. This celebration wouldn’t have been possible without you. We wouldn’t have wanted to walk through this trying season with anyone else. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you to Sarah Ingram, for being our wedding photographer and leading with compassion. To Whitney & Ashley of Whitewood Events for coordinating this beautiful day and being a voice of encouragement throughout this process. To Mary Wynn of Amy Osaba Designs, for creating such beautiful and tangible pieces of floral artistry that felt like us. To Tammy Noel of TableMade for adorning our tables with pieces that I dream about. To our friends at Mayker, for bringing my bistro chair dreams to life. To my sweet friend + encourager Erin Ryser, for working your hair & makeup artistry on me and for making me feel beautiful. To my friends at The Sentimentalist, for your friendship over the years and for helping me find the most beautiful veil. To Compass Films, for documenting our day and creating a stunning film for us to enjoy for the years to come. To AP & Alea of Meadowlark 1939, for your beautiful grounds to step foot on. To Nicolette of Isidore & Augustine for our gorgeous invitations and Cindy of Owl Post Calligraphy for our vow books. We’re forever grateful.

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