My Vision Board for 2021

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My vision board for 2021:

Having something that tangibly and metaphorically serves as a reminder for who I want to be and where I want to grow is beautiful thing. Against a ticking clock, we were given a fleeting 30 minutes to find words and images that stirred the heart. Rather than being “perfect” I found myself gravitating towards things without a conscious reason, afterwards realizing I had been left to see what mattered most.

It wasn’t accolades, it wasn’t travel, it wasn’t a business that dominated an industry. Instead, it was the desire to embrace my heritage, and surround myself with more powerful women who’ve overcome much. It was a desire to showcase more women of color, and the intricacies and honesty of story, feeling, and overcoming in ways like never before in my art. It was the resolve to refuse things that no longer serve my mental or spiritual wellbeing, and to cultivate a marriage, a faith, and a home with deep roots and a story that feels held fast.

These past few years have taught me this — that after the rain, after being in darkness, and after being pressed in at every side, the flower can bloom even still. There is joy that will come and hope that is sure. 

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