Romantic Proposal and Engagement Pictures at Montage Palmetto Bluff

A Proposal + Engagement Story at Montage Palmetto Bluff – With Images!

As Savannah’s soft breezes rustled through the Low Country, Jake’s meticulously planned engagement turned Montage Palmetto Bluff into a canvas for their love and was a candid, heartfelt experience crafted with care. From the very first glance to a moment that would change their lives forever, tonight was a celebration of love, friendship, and a proposal that bloomed underneath the Spanish moss.

Savannah Summers & Blossoming Love:

Having collaborated with Jake months prior, the day finally arrived—August 31, 2023 a date that would forever mark their love story. Originating from the bustling city of Chicago, Jake and Kate’s summers in the Low Country have become a cherished tradition: a time to bond with loved ones and embrace the tranquility and slower pace of the South.

Their story isn’t one of fleeting glances. But rather, a love that deepened over the years. First meeting in grade school, life’s path led them back to one another in the face of a countrywide pandemic. It was then that their hearts found each other.

Montage Palmetto Bluff Photographer:

Montage Palmetto Bluff stood as a testament to their love—a luxury enclave nestled right in between Charleston and Savannah in the Low Country’s embrace. Known for its unwavering hospitality and being a short drive from Atlanta, the resort offers a haven where families return year after year. Nature’s whispers permeated the extensive preserve, and picturesque villages beckoned with Southern-inspired dining options. For this proposal, a private setting awaited— a gorgeous overlook kissed by yesterday’s rain and bathed in warm overcast light, which made for the perfect backdrop.

An Intimate Proposal + Wedding to Plan:

In this intimate setting, Jake and Kate embarked on an afternoon promenade. As they explored the village, Jake paused, his heart and hands opening to reveal a note and a stunning solitaire ring. The words flowed from his heart, a declaration of a journey to be undertaken together, and a question. And then, a resounding yes – then slipping a solitaire engagement ring onto Kate’s finger—a promise, a proposal, a future, and a wedding to dream about together. We were there to photograph every moment.

Engagement Pictures:

Afterward, we took this sweet couple around the property for a short photo shoot to celebrate. Against the backdrop of brick streets lined with white picket fences, the beauty of Somerset Chapel, and the oaks adorned with Spanish moss, spending this afternoon with them was truly a joy.


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