Caroline & James | Proposal

I met Caroline during my sophomore year of high school and always admired how cheerful and easy she was to be around. After graduation, she moved off to be a performer at Disney in Florida, and she ended up meeting James through mutual friends.  

After seeing her write about him and photos of them together, I knew that there was something different about their relationship. There was a sense of ease and joy that was so different than what I had noticed prior to them finding one another; James had a kind and steady demeanor that was perfectly paired with Caroline’s outgoing and endearing spirit. 


Eventually, I had asked Caroline and James to model for me in a photo shoot and I got to hear more about their story. What struck me was how intentional these two were in their relationship and love for Jesus; and they committed to only saying “I love you” when they became engaged. I was eagerly awaiting this day, and I suddenly got a text message from James telling me he was getting ready to propose. 

After going back and forth between multiple plans and locations, James told me that he would be proposing on Caroline’s favorite childhood bench at her home. There, he read her a letter and exchanged the sweetest words, asking her to marry him. And by the photos, I’m sure you can tell what her answer was. 

Caroline and James, I adore you both so much and love seeing the way you both love each other so well!

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