Hannah Forsberg is an Atlanta fine art film wedding photographer for those that believe that life, no matter what the season, has honest and beautiful moments to fine joy in and that are worth remembering, making up pieces to a story worth telling, over and over for the years to come.




With care in my heart and kindness as my approach,

I believe that above all, loving others well and extending grace in the same way it has been to me is my calling. I am honored that I get to do that through photographing life’s most important moments in a non-intrusive, documentary way. My name is Hannah, which means “grace”, and I can attest that life, although messy, is remarkably full of it.

Growing up, I knew that using my hands to serve and doing work that held meaning was what I was meant to do. For years, I was not sure how that would come to fruition; all I knew was that being in a place that allowed for me to cultivate a sense of peace amidst a fast-paced environment was what mattered most.

Having studied professional storytelling and becoming a published writer, I took a leap of faith and quit my management job to begin documenting others’ lives using my camera. I now find myself serving elite clientele throughout the Southeast with precision and forethought as my driving factors.


The work I do is a privilege held in the highest regard,

Because it is a honor to be entrusted to create imagery and an experience that stands the test of time. With a fixation on delivering thoughtful photographs, I strive to protect the tenderness my clients have for those nearest to their hearts by marrying romantic, yet calming direction and preserving movement and light for each and every wedding and event.


Based in Atlanta with camera in hand, I count it a joy and

I am humbled to enter the lives of many, crafting photographs that compel the heart, preserving moments worth remembering

It would be a joy for you to allow me to do the same.

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