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I met Lindsay and Andrew for their engagement session last summer before their wedding at Foxhall Stables. The two met during their time at Harvard law school, with Andrew being the jokester, known for his dad-jokes and puns. Lindsay is incredibly detail-oriented and Andrew is the one who is the perfect balance. The two now work at law firms within Atlanta and have a sweet pup named Halbert. I’m so excited to share their wedding gallery with you soon! For now, here’s their proposal story, through Andrew’s words…

I woke up Lindsay at 7:15 am, which is about 3 hours earlier than she likes to get up on the weekends. I told her to pack a bag and that’s all she knew. We got the airport and made our flight—barely! We were the last ones on board.

Once we got to Boston, we took an uber to a restaurant we ate at all the time in law school, Cambridge Common. After lunch, we strolled around some of our favorite spots around Harvard. We walked by the Gropius dorms, where we both lived all 3 years of law school. (After the proposal, Lindsay said she was afraid I was going to pop the question here. Because of some awful historical landmark law, Gropius cannot be torn down, so it retains all the beauty of a Soviet-era prison.) 

We walked through the main classroom building, Wasserstein Hall, and walked by a church we attended on campus. Next we went to the historic Austin Hall. There, in front of Austin Hall, I got down on one knee…. to tie my shoe! It was a fake out proposal. It was meant to be funny. Lindsay was not pleased and basically ignored the whole situation. In hindsight, the fake out proposal was a mistake.

Next we strolled through Harvard Yard. Harvard Yard is notorious for being full of tourists. Luckily I knew of a spot that is hidden from the crowds. It is also where I first told Lindsay I loved her. So, at this quiet place where it was just me and my best friend, I nervously got down on one knee (for real this time) and started to recite a poem. In the middle of my poem, a tour group started to walk by and a random guy yelled, “Oh shit is that actually happening?!” Mr. Rando made me even more nervous. And suddenly I was proposing in front of a crowd of 50 people. She said yes. The crowd of strangers applauded. We immediately celebrated in the only way we knew how—getting chips and salsa from Border Café.

Photography: Hannah Forsberg, Gown: Nordstrom, Hair & Makeup: Linda Margarita

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