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Ashton and Jay met in downtown Savannah almost a year ago and upon seeing Ashton for the first time, Jay said that he was sure he would find a way to talk to her in person. Fast forward a few weeks, they both sat in a coffee shop, and what they initially thought would be a short while turned into hours of nonstop talking and they both left knowing that they had something special.

Jay plays soccer and works early in the morning while Ashton is still in school and also models on the side. When first meeting Ashton, immediately I was taken aback by her sweet and endearing demeanor and her precious southern accent. Jay is cool, calm, and collected, and they are so comfortable with one another. Even when they’re talking about what’s going on in their day, you can tell that they are enthralled with one another and truly just love spending time being with the other.

Ashton and Jay drove from Savannah to Atlanta for some pre-wedding photos this spring and were gracious enough to be willing to go out in the rain, which thankfully went away soon after we began. These photographs are gorgeous, don’t you think? I love Jay’s black tuxedo, which went beautifully with Ashton’s gowns from BHLDN and The Sentimentalist.

There was a beautiful pink bouquet created by Lindsay Coletta with spring tones and what made the day even more special was the special appearance by Honey the Pug.

The day was styled by Erin Ryser who did two looks for Ashton: a textured updo towards the end of the night while Ashton wore her hair down at first. Emily Claire helped style the beautiful details with unique antique gold pieces and carefully styled paper goods by Owl Post Calligraphy.

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