2022 Wedding Gift Guide for Brides

If there’s one thing I love about the holidays, it’s finding stylish, practical pieces and taking advantage of Black Friday deals. Wedding planning is one of those times when finding an item that either will save time or help elevate an overall aesthetic is something special and a reason to celebrate. And, if you are needing ideas for what to put on your list or give to someone for their nuptials, I have a feeling that these ideas will be a sweet way to show them how much you care.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect this Cyber Monday morning and I’m rounding up some of my favorites that will absolutely aid in making this exciting chapter even more memorable and beautiful.


1. Champagne Coupe Glasses.

If there’s one thing that will help elevate toasts and feel that much more fun, it’s these coupes that feature modern yet delicate curves. Can you imagine setting up a champagne tower during your wedding reception and having these on display? Not only will they command the room, but they’ll also photograph beautifully.

I picked up 18 of these for a petite champagne tower at my local store here in Atlanta, linked below.

My Pick: Marie Coupe Modern Cocktail Glasses, $26.







2. Name Change Kit.

One of the things I found to be the most daunting as I planned my own wedding was changing my name legally. After some Googling of the process, I stumbled upon this kit which made the entire experience incredibly easy.

They provide you a step-by-step, chronologically-organized, checklist of how to change your name and in which order to do so.

They’ll guide you how to change your name with the social security office, your driver’s license, credit cards, banks, and more…and the best thing? It’s all customized to your state, and they’ll give you the exact forms and pre-paid envelopes you need. It takes the guesswork out of it completely and saved my sanity!

My pick: Name Change Box, $89.







3. Jewelry Organizer.

I’ve been traveling an awful lot lately, and for each outfit, I’ve wanted to wear different jewelry pieces.

I adore this organizer that’s helped keep things clean and easily accessible.

Its convenient size and mirror make it a no-brainer! Perfect for travels to various wedding destinations.

Plus, the box is made of velvet. 😉

My pick: Velvet jewelry organizer, $25.






4. Paper Parasols.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen that VOGUE image of all the guests with their parasols walking and partaking in the wedding celebrations, but it’s definitely a scene that lives in my head rent-free. These would be perfect for giving to your wedding party for portraits, guests during the ceremony, or for fun lawn games at a welcome party.

My pick: Chinese Paper Parasol, $15.







5. Silk Chiffon Veil.

I actually own this veil. I love using it for portraits. It’s affordable, simple, and cathederal-length. What more could you want?

My pick: 118″ White Cathedral Veil, $20.












6. Cat Eye Sunnies.

I also own these. They’re a dupe of the gorgeous Celine sunnies that I drool over. Perfect for that extra oomph for chic and fashionable portraits.

My pick: Cat Eye Retro Vintage Sunglasses, $11.






7. White Umbrellas (in the case of a rainy wedding day).

I’m knocking on the wood.

I know, you don’t want to think about it, but in the case of a rainy wedding day, these are a great option not only for yourself, but guests and your wedding party should you need it.

Just bookmark this for later.

My pick: Pack of 12 White Umbrellas, $89.







8. Custom Monogrammed Embosser.

I’m a sucker for a beautiful handwritten note and intricate details. This embosser features your own personalized initial and would certainly make any expression of gratitude feel that much more intentional.

My pick: Etsy Monogram Embosser, $46.









9. Statement Heels & Heel Stoppers.

These heels are so fun with the cute bow. Jimmy Choo, who? Also, definitely should pair with these heel stoppers from Amazon ($15) – heel stoppers make sure that your shoes don’t sink into the grass and personally, saved me on my own intimate garden-setting wedding day. You can thank me later.

My pick: Asymmetric Bow Heels, $50.






10. Velvet Ring Box.

Many of my clients appreciate a beautiful flat-lay of their paper goods and sentimental items that are being incorporated into their day. A ring box in the design’s primary or accent color is the perfect customization, adding a beautiful touch of cohesion and elegance to the final gallery.  I personally find myself gravitating towards a round or square/rectangle-shaped box.

My pick: Velvet Ring Box with more than 30 color choices, $16. These rectangle shaped boxes are great, too.

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