Holding Gratitude

Yesterday was a day where I got into my head about my business. As an artist, I can start to become overly critical of my work, comparing it to others and feeling inadequate in a line of work that’s so visually driven. But something came to me where I felt a wave of peace: it’s the fact that there’s a place for everyone in this industry. It’s the realization that I want a sustainable business that doesn’t cater to everyone because I’m not the best fit for everyone.


We are all uniquely gifted and called, and my job is to document what is in front of me the way I see it, and serve others well. Refining my craft and pursuing growth is important, but so is being present and having gratitude for my own talents and the way that I see life and pursue light.

I’m far from where I want to be, but man, I’m grateful for all that’s happened to bring me here to where I’m at.

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