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Yesterday would’ve been Trayvon Martin’s 26th birthday.

The “Stand Your Ground” and “Citizen’s Arrest” laws are a double-edged sword. It’s terrifying the impacts that laws like these can have on the innocent; giving immunity to individuals who choose to abuse the provisions.

I’m still thinking a lot about how much work needs to be done.

Asking myself, how I, as a first-generation woman of color, can continue using my voice and my business to support my black friends, amplify their voices, and keep standing against racial injustice.

It’s not about black vs white. It’s about human equality. It’s about carving the way for future generations. It’s so that our children have a world that’s safer.

Resist the feed fatigue.
Resist going back to how feeds, publications, conferences, goals were.
Resist disengaging from uncomfortable conversations because the media isn’t talking about it anymore.

Choose to care.
Choose to see.
Choose to take deliberate action in your everyday lives with whatever work you’ve been entrusted with.
Choose to feel and mourn and grieve.
Choose to do anything but fall stagnant and complacent again.

Black lives are still so incredibly precious. They still matter.

Local organizations to check out/support:

Credits: Shot on Fuji 400h using a Mamiya 645. Developed by @photovisionprints.
Styling @phae.monae._
Gown @thesentimentalistatl @carolhannahbridal
Beauty @margaretsniderco
Jewelry @amshastudio @sustainablehomegoods
Model @shalindachey
Photo @hannah.forsberg

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