Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter //

Black Lives Matter //

You don’t have to be profound or eloquent or share all of your intense feelings to stand up for what’s right and to speak out against injustice and murder. If this offends you, I’m not for you. I can’t keep sharing weddings and love and happiness like things are okay when others are not and when brutality, injustice, and pure evil runs unchecked and rampant.

I can’t keep silent when in the last week, Chauvin’s silence killed an innocent man and when being a woman in Central Park was weaponized.

Please don’t allow “not having the words to say” to be the scapegoat for your ego. This movement isn’t about you and it never was.

Change must happen now and it can if you’re available for feedback and available to be confronted and available to change. It’s your (and my) responsibility to learn and shape this country for our children and the generations to come and we can do this together.

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