A New Decade // 2020


My mom was diagnosed with cancer the day after Christmas. I remember singing the words “goodness you have in store, so thy will be done” from @hillaryscottla, my mom telling me not to fret about tomorrow, all just hours before learning the news. 

I am so darn proud of my mom’s faith. She’s a testimony and a light and my dearest friend. She immediately gave God the glory and praised Him despite all of this. Which blows my mind. She’s the woman I want to be when I grow up, that’s for sure.

Looking back, that should’ve been the thing that sent me over the edge. Life has felt pretty nonstop since the fall with my busiest (and best!) season in business, wedding planning, house hunting, foot surgery, and having both of my other grandmas almost pass away. But y’all it is by. God’s. grace. that I’m standing & was able to knock it out of the park for my clients. 

I quieter on social media in January, to take a step back and re-focus. I realized that I had no more desire to build an empire business and asked myself, “What if I just focus on being the best photographer and wife” rather than brand myself as an educator?. It’s crazy being able to see how my goals for this year are so different than what they’ve ever been before after taking time to truly see what was important to me and what I longed for, deep down.

My reason for sharing this is because I want to encourage you, that if you’re going through a tough season, please be gentle with yourself. You don’t have to keep putting a front on social media or keep pushing towards those ambitious goals if you spirit needs rest. Winter is the time where hearts are most fragile and simultaneously, the new year/season can bring with it an energy that can make you feel like you’re falling behind. BUT FRIEND, we all need quieter days & I hope this encourages you to take a step back when your life and spirit need you to. I hope this reminds you that you can change your dreams, too.

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