Seven out of ten


Corey’s always quick to remind me that my dreams are worth taking risks for and I love that about him. Even when days are hard, he always knows how to comfort my heart. Though he’s a man of few words he always says something that’s so profound and kind in the times I need it most.

Often times he’s able to come up with ways to relate things to sports. The other day when I was feeling afraid of not achieving my goals and failing, he gently said: “Hannah, baseball players are paid millions to fail 7/10 times.” That stopped me in my tracks but it’s so true. It’s so silly to be afraid of failing!

Anyways I just wanted to share how wonderful this man is with you all. Corey’s been my biggest cheerleader these last few years, watching me walk through some of the most challenging circumstances of my career and celebrating my biggest wins (like driving me to Publix to see my work in a magazine!).

He believes in me when I don’t believe in myself and I’m truly so thankful for him and his kind & gentle heart. He’s truly such a gift and answer to prayer and I feel honored to go through life hand in hand and side by side!


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