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I’ll be graduating with a BBA in Marketing in December. My days as of late consist of reading business cases from Harvard, creating marketing campaigns for other companies, and trying to run my own business, which has a million different responsibilities in itself. Occasionally, you’ll also find me tutoring Calculus. It’s been a roller coaster, to say the least, these last 3.5 years. There have been times where you feel on top of the world and others that leave you feeling incredibly defeated. But if I’ve learned anything, it’s been understanding more and more that this is where I’m meant to be, to take it all in with gratitude, and that each moment and situation have been carefully orchestrated with the most tender care. 

A few years ago, I wasn’t sure what The Lord’s purpose was for me by going to school, or how He would use it, but it’s become so clear that I wouldn’t be who I am today without having gone, my faith wouldn’t have been stretched in the way that it needed most, and that He truly can redeem any and all situations, giving and taking away what He sees fit. He loves and only has goodness in store.

While I have had frustrating days where I’ve felt “held back”, feeling like I have been unable to “give my business my all because of school”, (in terms of application of what I’ve been taught, that is) it took a lot of re-patterning of my thoughts to realize that truly, education is an investment into my future and it is, in a sense, giving my business my all. I truly feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to receive an education from one of the best business schools in the state and to be graduating at the top 10% of my class debt-free. What a gift! 

It’s frankly a little surreal to realize that this chapter of my life is coming to a close, but goodness gracious, it’s been the best experience that’s sharpened my mind, changed my heart, prepared me in the best way possible. I’m left me so thrilled for what is to come, and grateful to have the freedom to hit the ground & truly run towards my dreams without restraint.

I’m already booking weddings in Atlanta for next year and the year after with the kindest couples, and I truly feel so honored and humbled that they have entrusted me with the sweetest task, and that they’ve walked with me through this journey. For those who know me well, they know that I’ll be pursuing this full-time after graduation and that I’ll be doing 1:1 business coaching with an incredible mentor. I know it’s going to be such a huge and transformational year, 2019. I can hardly wait.

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