The Brand Market Workshop

About a month ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to come together with other entrepreneurs around the country and attend The Brand Market Workshop in Atlanta. Beforehand, I psyched myself out with not being able to decide what to wear; resulting in me bringing two outfits. Haha. Despite the many different age ranges (I was the youngest one there!!!) and types of businesses we had, I loved being able to see how we all were able to come together for this one-day workshop (in a super gorg location that basically promotes creativity with its atmosphere) with the same heart for chasing our dreams. I got so much more out of this workshop than I invested; new friends, knowledge, wisdom, and some awesome swag bags. 😉 Sessions from Anna (of In Honor of Design), Mandy (of Waiting on Martha), Juli (of Juli Vaughn Designs, and Haley (of The Photography of Haley Sheffield) were totally invaluable. My one-on-one session with Haley was a dream; from the first initial hello, I knew I already liked her a lot, and during our talk, I was blown away by her sweet heart. I came back humbled, encouraged, and inspired in so many ways. Humbled, that these women took the time to share their experience and teach us all a part of their craft. Encouraged, by their down-to-earthness and honest love for what they do. Inspired, that if they can do it, then so can I.
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The official event photographer was Kathryn Mccrary Photography who is an absolute sweetheart.

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If you would like to see more photos, click here!

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