this messy, grace-filled life.

It happens every fall. Every single fall. I start to notice that life is full, busy, overwhelming.

That life is messy.

I realize that I have nothing together in the slightest, amidst the weariness and the tiredness. I realize how everything longs for rest and peace, and the busier I become, the less joy I have. I start noticing how the things I’m struggling with, I’ve been struggling with for months, and how the questions I’ve had are still unanswered; and how life seems at standstill. & then I start supposing that all these troublesome, little things, will never end. And though I whole-heartedly and sincerely believe that God is sovereign, kind, and so exceedingly patient, I forget so easily.

But that’s what brings me back to the Savior.

So then, I spend late nights searching my heart for truths and past graces. I’m seeing more and more that God’s will is never delayed, and even though on some days it may seem so, surely I am where I’m intended to be and what’ll come will come when it will. I’ve started to realize, complete and utter satisfaction in Christ brings so much more comfort than anything that the world can ever offer. The Potter molds me each and every day; refining my thoughts and sanctifying me so I can imitate Him. He’s transforming and tuning my heart to sing His grace and fully pray, “Yet not as I will, but as you will.”

Jesus is giving me enough for each and every day; making this such a grace-filled life. I’m seeing the sweetness of trusting in Christ alone who anchors me. I am unworthy. weak. but His strength carries me through and through. & His unswerving faithfulness baffles me. every. single. time. How I can survey the sweet, wonderful cross and come set all my cares at the feet of the one wounded for me? His love and compassion are vast and boundless and free. Hallelujah. How so very kind He is to a poor, sinner as I.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28

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