A few, happy things.

My life as of late has been filled with so much joy, and so many unexpected blessings. Just when I think I have my life all planned out, God shows me that nothing will stop His will. &It’s rather exciting that May has made its arrival. Summer is just around the corner, and I can hear it calling my name. Here’s just a few tidbits of happy things in my life for your enjoyment:
i. Daring myself to become just a little uncomfortable and go outside my comfort zone.
ii. Realizing that you’re growing up, and you now have your first job (!!!).
iii. Meeting new people and striking up conversations is something I don’t find as intimidating anymore.
iv. Warming weather, green trees, and waking up to the sound of birds singing again.
v. Spending time with dear friends, Student Council members, and the Journalism staff is truly time spent well.
vi. Worrying is fickle; learning to spend time trusting in The Lord.
vii. If God wants something to happen, it will happen at the perfect time, with the perfect situation, in the perfect way.

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