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A few weeks ago I had the privilege of introducing my sweet friend, Taylor Doehrman, of Taylor Dawn, in this blog post, where we learned about how she got started and her mission and vision for her business. Today, she's been so kind to share some of her wisdom and advice in the wedding planning process, talking about common misconceptions, why hiring a planner is important, and more. As a wedding photographer in Atlanta, I love it when my brides say that they are working with a planner. It almost guarantees that their wedding will be that much more stress-free and wonderful for their overall experience, and of course, helping aid getting the most beautiful photographs!

Taylor has the most beautiful heart behind her brand, and I'm so glad that she took the time out of her day to share this with you. If you have any questions for her or just want to say hello, take a peek at her website and Instagram below! To begin, let's start off with:


5 reasons why to hire a planner:


1. Budget Tracking


Everyone should have a budget when planning for their wedding, and with the nature of the event, it can become incredibly overwhelming trying to stay within your budget for each aspect of the wedding day. Having a planner will help you stick to your original plans (so important especially if your sweet parents are paying!), while also having a beautiful wedding.

2. Design cohesiveness

Having a planner provides you the benefit of bringing all of your beautiful ideas into a consistent vision. With Pinterest and the nature of social media, having a planner with a deliberate and careful eye will help your event's detail aspects come to fruition, in a way that is tasteful, yet not overdone. It can be tricky to do this on your own!

3. Vendor relations

Communication with your vendors is the key to having a seamless and stress-free wedding day. However, the task can seem daunting with the differing timelines and details that need to work together. You don't want your caterer asking you where a table goes while you're getting your hair done. Luckily, having a planner takes this burden off of you as they will be your vendors' primary point of contact to answer all questions and concerns, and all you'll have to do show up and enjoy. :)

4. Wedding day flow

In addition to communicating with your vendors, a seamless wedding day also involves coordination! To keep your wedding day smooth and to ensure that your wedding day foregoes long bumps and pauses, your planner will be there to help ensure that the events flow and continue naturally, without feeling rushed through helping ensure that everyone sticks to the timeline.

5. Having someone in your corner

Most importantly, having someone in your corner is one of the things that will help you not only relax, but enjoy your wedding planning process. My brides are my priority, and I'm here to listen and walk you through your sweet season of engagement every step of the way. If you need your dress bustled quickly or a sip of champagne between photos, I'm your girl!


 misconceptions & Closing Thoughts:




Misconception #1:

One of the biggest misconceptions is that people think their fiancé’s-mom’s-best-friend’s-sister can be their wedding planner and provide the same services that I do. As with any job, this is where my experience and my team both come into play.

It’s so important to have someone in your corner, as a bride, who has been in the current wedding industry and is able to guide you in that process.


Misconception #2:

It's easy to forget about the value and expertise that having a planner brings and forego using someone who specializes in this. It's so important to set aside a realistic budget for a planner, paying them for their time, experience, and expertise. It's one of the best investments for your wedding! 



At the end of the day, you are MARRIED to your best friend and that’s really what this is all about! Don’t get hung up on the small stressors (let me take care of that for you!), and really enjoy this time preparing for marriage.


Facebook: Taylor Dawn
Instagram: @taydoehrman


Cherise & Dakota | Swan House

The Swan House is an iconic venue located right outside of my gorgeous city, Atlanta. The mansion sits in a quiet part of town, overlooking the cascading hillside and is surrounded by beautiful paths and gardens. This wedding editorial was inspired by the gorgeous hues of winter while incorporating delicate touches of pink. Cherise and Dakota had a demeanor that brought a soft elegance to the day, wearing clean and sophisticated attire. Jennifer Nieman styled the gorgeous bride's hair with loose waves, while creating a soft look for her makeup. Lindsay Coletta provided florals that added a depth and texture to the day, using one of my favorite flowers, the peonie. Brianne McMullan helped bring the day to life by styling the table scape to perfection as well as the beautiful stationery provided by Kelly Lee Designs. This was one of the highlights to my 2016, and I'm so excited to share this with you. I'm hoping one day to photograph a real wedding at this beautiful, iconic, Atlanta wedding venue.

Venue: Atlanta History Center Swan House | Planning: Brianne McMullan Events | Florals: Lindsay Coletta | Rentals: Event Rentals Unlimited | Hair/Makeup: Jennifer C Nieman | Stationery: Kelly Lee Design | Ring Box: The Mrs. Box | Ribbon: Adorn Company | Gown: Marchesa from Joan Pillow Bridal | Plates: Anthropologie | Vow Books: Wedding Story Writer | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Perfume: Chloe | Pastries: Amelie’s | Linens: Nuage Designs | Photography: Hannah Forsberg

Lauren & John | Ponce City Market Engagement


Lauren reached out to me last autumn asking about engagement photos with her sweet man. She explained how they had met after being introduced by Lauren's aunt, who lives in Texas. From our initial conversation, I could tell that this couple were some of the kindest and gentle people I would have the pleasure of photographing. Lauren told me that after their initial meeting, it didn't take long for her to realize that John would be the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. She wrote, "It didn't take long for me to know he was the one I had prayed for years. He is upbeat, light-hearted, fun, generous, driven, and has the kindest heart I know. I can’t wait to marry him." 

Most often, my couples have their weddings in Atlanta and often opt to have an engagement session in their city. Since Lauren works in the emergency room in Atlanta, and John went to Georgia Tech, it made sense to do their engagement session at Ponce City Market. I hope you loved these two as much as I do!


Venue: Ponce City Market | Photography: Hannah Forsberg

Meeting Taylor Dawn | Atlanta Wedding Planner

There's something so special about meeting a fellow creative who has a love for detail and design. Taylor Doehrman, of Taylor Dawn, has a sweet and calming presence that is truly a joy to be around! As a wedding photographer, being able to work with an individual with these traits is always such a breath of fresh air, since it truly is about teamwork between the planner and photographer on a bride's wedding day. 

Taylor currently resides in Athens, GA with her sweet husband and primarily serves her brides on their wedding days in Atlanta. She and I connected in late 2015 and ended up meeting and working together throughout 2016 on a various styling and wedding editorial collaborations, and to date, they are still some of my favorite images. Her eye for detail is absolutely incredible, in addition to the fact that she is not only calm, but bubbly, fun, and kind, something so wonderful to have in a wedding vendor, but also a friend. One thing I love about Taylor is her dedication and desire to love on her brides well by being deliberate and organized, but also a listening ear. Her faith is also such a huge encouragement to me, and I could not feel more glad that our paths have crossed. I couldn't help but feel like I should introducer her to you! Stay tuned, because, in the next post, she'll be sharing more tips about what to do when hiring a planner, common misconceptions, and how having a planner there to serve you on your day-of is one of the best investments you'll ever make. So without further ado, meet Taylor!




Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us, Taylor! I’d love for readers to get an idea of how it all began. Then, we can go from there. 

Thanks so much for having me, Hannah! I love this! And I love you, friend! So! How it began! I met Molly McKinley while I was still in college and figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. When we met, I began working with her and I felt like this whole world was opened up that I had no idea about! I could have a job where I could be creative, love on people, and also complete tasks in a timely, efficient manner. I always joke that I use the left and right brain equally, and I really think that’s true! I need a balance of fun creative and logical assurance. 

During my time working with Molly, I just fell more in love with the design process and how I was able to serve and love on brides during such an exciting time in their lives. It is so great to take that time and help them not be stressed or overwhelmed, but to truly enjoy it. While Molly and I both grew and evolved into our style, she encouraged me when I brought up going off on my own. We have a wonderful relationship to this day, and I am forever thankful for her support and encouragement. A huge influence in beginning my own business was the desire to just be more engrained and develop the design process with my brides. Also, personally, it is so important to me to be involved in my husband’s role as a high school football coach! The flexibility of my job allows me to be involved in his school and our community, which is so, so important to us as a family. I could not do this without him or the Lord’s provision over this little business!


What’s it like to have a one-woman show? 

*laughs* Always an adventure! I wouldn’t actually call myself a one-woman show, just because I have the best support team in the world! My husband and my family are ALWAYS pitching in to help. My sister has put “wedding planning assistant” on her professional resume because she has assisted with so many weddings! I am forever grateful for them and for their encouragement of pursuing my passion. Also, I could not do this job without the help of my other sweet girls on wedding day. I am always needing to be in three places at once and the only solution to that is to have some all-star assistants.

The day-to-day looks different every single day, and that’s one thing I love most about my job! Most frequently, it consists of answering emails, chatting with brides, meeting them in person, and of course, and pulling together pieces to comprise a seamless wedding day. I’m an extrovert, so sometimes, this is also a struggle. I love to get together with other creatives, even if we are just answering emails, I love doing it together!

Of course, we are not without struggle at Taylor Dawn. As per most entrepreneurs, taxes, blogging, and content creation are always needing some attention and are not the most-loved. However, we are constantly learning and growing in this with new ways to work through them. You always have to learn to change if you want your business to grow and evolve with you!


How did you come up with the name “Taylor Dawn”, and what should we know about your business?

Dawn was my middle name before I got married and also my mom’s name, which I love! I wanted my business name to be a little different than most other planners who have “event” or “design” in their names (while they’re all so great, I just didn’t feel like it was a great fit for me)! The thing that sets me apart, I believe is my attention to detail and my desire to truly serve my brides the best way possible. My faith plays a big role in this, and I sincerely enjoy having the opportunity to serve these women.


Who is a Taylor Dawn Bride, and what about your brand stands out in their minds? (ie your customer service, special aspects of each of the vendors you work with, the types of things a bride looks for, a smaller staff, etc)

Upon going through my re-brand last year, this was a really fun aspect I dreamt up with Mattie Tiegreen of GreenTie Studio. Here are the two statements we came up with for Taylor Dawn’s ideal client and what helps us stand out from other planners:

“Our ideal client is someone who values honesty, beauty and professionalism…They appreciate classic and feminine aesthetics as well as working someone they can trust to execute their day smoothly. We make them feel reassured, treasured and inspired from the start and are honored to call our clients friends.”


What are 3 things that you strive to do for every single bride you serve? How do you know that you’ve been successful in doing these things?

I always measure success by my bride’s words and the words of their friends and family. Nothing is a bigger compliment than a bride leaving a review or their mom giving me the biggest hug at the end of the night. I really just love the relationship with these ladies. There’s nothing better! I strive to have my brides feel known and loved. I also love to send them a little welcome gift upon signing their contract with me. I really like this personal touch and it lets them know they are special, not just another paying client.


What can we expect to see from Taylor Dawn over the next year? How are you evolving? Any fun projects?

Ah! All the fun projects! I’m aiming this year to have a few more specialized, intimate, detailed wedding days focusing on the details. These are always so fun for me and for the couple! We are still settling into our first home, so I would really love to explore the elements that come with making a house a home this year.


What is the best part of owning your own business in this wedding industry, and serving women in this stage of life? Why do you continue to do what you do?

The best part of owning my business IS being able to serve women in this stage of life! This truly sets my soul on fire. I feel like I am drawn closer to the heart of the Lord each time I have a client I can serve wholeheartedly. This industry is so unique in that we have an opportunity to make a potentially stressful time in a woman’s life such an enjoyable experience; that way, she can focus on her marriage, the most important part.



Taylor has the most beautiful heart behind her brand, and I'm so glad to have shared this with you. We'll be back in the coming weeks with some advice from Taylor about the wedding process, which you won't want to miss. In the meantime, make sure you go and say hello!

Facebook: Taylor Dawn
Instagram: @taydoehrman


Eryn & Elijah | Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement

Eryn and Elijah were married in 2016 at Montaluce Winery in Dahlonega Georgia. Last spring, I received the sweetest e-mail in my inbox from Eryn saying how she wanted to get some photos to celebrate her 1-year anniversary, as well as serve as photos to replace her wedding photos. She explained that her original wedding photographer wasn't a great fit for her aesthetic and that she wanted imagery that served as a reminder to how the Lord had been so kind and faithful to her and her husband throughout their first year of marriage. Eryn decided that a wonderful place for the photos was the Cator Woolford Gardens, a quiet wedding venue in the heart of Atlanta.

Rachel Slauer Weddings stepped in to help bring this vision to life, by recruiting wonderful calligraphy pieces by Shasta Bell Calligraphy, and a cake by the Dessert Table Atlanta. Shean Strong also helped create a cohesive look with Eryn's Lulu's gown by providing a beautiful bouquet which focused on the elements of spring. Eryn and Elijah shared love letters and one of the songs that they sun at their wedding, as well as a glass of champagne to reflect on their marriage and celebrate all that is to come. It was a precious day and one of my favorite sessions I have ever photographed. 


Venue: Cator Woolford Gardens | Planning: Rachel Slauer Weddings | Florals: Shean Strong | Cake: The Dessert Table Atl | Calligraphy: Shasta Bell Calligraphy | Photography: Hannah Forsberg