Kelly & Zack | Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement

Kelly reached out to me in the fall, telling me about her upcoming wedding in Athens, Georgia, at the Taylor Grady House that December. She had previously booked another photographer, but after her engagement session, realized that photographer was not a great fit for her. After talking to her about her wedding, and listening to her vision and hopes for her own, it was a no-brainer that we were a perfect fit for each other. An Athens local, she decided that she wanted to venture outside of the city and come to Atlanta for her engagement photos. She decided that she wanted photos that were timeless and had a an intimate setting, and we both agreed that the Cator Woolford Gardens would be the perfect place. She and Zack have the type of energy that pulls people in. The way they hold each other and laugh together is the kind of thing that will make anyone stop and stand in awe.Their love and care for each other is so evident, and photographing their wedding with Whitewood Events was such a joy for me. I'm so excited to share more, soon!


Venue: Cator Woolford Gardens | Planning: Whitewood Events | Photography: Hannah Forsberg

Last year's spring // A summary of 2017

My days have reminded me of last year’s spring as of late. Perhaps it's the light hits the walls differently, the birds seem to sing more sweetly, or the quietness of the mornings. I have a habit of wanting to reflect and refer back to my past, on the lessons, on the growth, on the uprooting. How beautiful it was, to be able to pray and sing and write from one of the darkest places – It is something that I would never change, something that I will always hold dear, as wild as that sounds. I was shaken (spiritually and quite literally), called stupid for my beliefs and convictions and for who I was, and ultimately was brought to a brokenness that left me on my knees. Yet, I was left with a faith more shaped and prayers more deliberate, pleading that if anything were to come of what the year held, that I would learn to be a woman with a heart that was left more kind, more tender, and a faith that lingered and clung to the cross with a grip more steadfast. I prayed that my grief would turn to seeing more joy in the mornings, more sure of the Lord’s certainty in the times that seemed most uncertain. And those prayers were answered tenfold.It has been: A year of understanding, tiredness, brokenness, yet ever so tenderly, full to the brim of healing and a whole lot more joy because of Him. A year of photographing the most beautiful weddings and celebrating marriage alongside so many. A year of finding that my heart can feel and fall in love all over again, after being sure that it never would (though more on that, another day). A year of being left recognizing, that there is so much delight and love that comes out of everything that is given and taken away – even the darkest of situations. Realizing, time and time again, you always, always grow, and that He is always, always good no matter what comes into your path.

Ryser Family | In-Home Atlanta Family Session

I met Erin Ryser, an incredibly talented hair and makeup artist based in Atlanta, last spring when we worked together on a editorial at the Tate House. Upon meeting Erin, I just fell in love, not only with her adorable accent, but also with how kind and sincere she is in every situation: from genuinely caring about all that she meets to how wonderful she is as she shows brides how beautiful they are when she does their hair and makeup for their wedding. Since the spring, she has become one of my dearest friends, one that came at just the right time and who was an answer to prayer.

When Erin asked me to come photograph Jack, her husband Joe, and herself in their home, I couldn't have felt more honored. I loved being able to watch them spend time together, doing what they love most. They played some Bruno Mars, danced in the kitchen together, made some cookies, and snuggled with little Jack in the afternoon light. This family is so precious to me and dear to my heart. I am so glad to be able to share these two with you!

Robin & Rita | Swan House

The Swan House is an iconic venue located right outside of my gorgeous city, Atlanta. The mansion sits in a quiet part of town, overlooking the cascading hillside and is surrounded by beautiful paths and gardens. Robin and Rita found me on Instagram in January and reached out to me to photograph their pre-wedding photographs before the two tied the knot at an intimate ceremony in May back in Korea. The two wanted to create art that celebrated their transition into Atlanta while adding elements of a classic and timeless American-styled wedding to show their family back at home. Robin and Rita have a sweet and gentle demeanor and it was one of the sweetest things to photograph. There are some couples where you can sense the tenderness between them and they are one of those couples who have a joy and steadiness to them that makes you stop and hold your breath. 

Margaret Snider provided a delicate, timeless look to the hair and makeup, styling Rita’s hair in a gorgeous low style and makeup that showed the softness of Rita’s face while Shean Strong provided a bouquet featuring of Lily of the Valley to add texture and a romantic depth to the shoot as well. I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet these two and photograph their love!

**This was also featured on The White Wren, an inspiration blog, which you can see more of by clicking here!

Venue: Atlanta History Center Swan House | Florals: Shean Strong Design | Hair/Makeup: Margaret Snider Artistry | Photography: Hannah Forsberg

Riyong & James | Serenbe Farms Enagement


Riyong and James reached out to me about photographing their Serenbe Farms wedding last spring. As I learned more about these two, the more apparent it became how perfect they were together. The way that James cares for Riyong is tender and their touches are sweet. Both of these two live in Atlanta and are actually photographers themselves! While it might sound like a daunting task, it always is such a treat to be able to photograph people, who not only know what it's like to be behind the camrera, but who can also relate to what it's like being in front of the camera. I think that one of the most important thing for any of my couples, is to realize, tht when you're in front of the camera, the most important thing that you can do for yourself to create beautiful pictures, is to solely focus on the one you love most...forgetting about everything else - forgetting that there's a photographer, forgetting of the tasks and responsibilities that you have, just for a moment.

One of the things that struck me about these two, is that they knew exactly what they wanted, not only for their engagement photos, but also for their wedding day. Most couples opt to have their wedding in Atlanta, but after having been photographers themselves, they mentioned right off the bat how they knew they wanted an intimate wedding together only with their closest family and friends, and how they wanted each of their details for these photos to be specific and reflective of who they were as a couple. I am so grateful for these two.


Venue: Serenbe Farms | Photography: Hannah Forsberg