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5 days and 10,600 miles


It’s been 5 days exactly, since landing back home. 10,600 miles traveled within a matter of 10 days. Folks ask me how my trip went and I never thought such a simple question would be so difficult to answer. I think, too, it depends on what you really want to know about. I can tell […]

To Italy: Photo Sessions


Friends! Throughout the months of April through June, I’ll be offering mini photo sessions in order to raise support for my Italy trip. There is a minimum donation fee of $100. Please let me know if you’re interested by e-mailing hannah@hannahforsberg.co for more information. Sincerely, Hannah [click here to read my support letter, as well!!]

To Italy


[CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY ITALY WEBSITE] As many of you have heard already, this summer, I have the wonderful opportunity to serve alongside members of my church overseas in Messina, Italy. Thank you all so much, already, for all your prayers and encouragement thus far! A few weeks ago, I launched italy.hannahforsberg.co, my website […]