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Ellie // Downtown Woodstock Portraits


Ellie and I met up last week in Downtown Woodstock to do get a few portraits done. She is one of the sweetest girls I have met and is insanely adorable. It was a blast getting to know her better. So glad to share a preview of the shoot with you today!

Meredith // Kennesaw Mountain Portraits


The same day that I went to take Blake and Mallory’s Portraits at Kennesaw Mountain, Mallory’s sister, Meredith came along. Of course, I wanted to take some photos of her, too. 🙂

julia // kennesaw mountain portraits


I’ve known Julia since the 5th grade. I thought that it was really neat that she and I were the only Chinese girls in our class, and I secretly thought that we could be best friends. I was too afraid to tell her, though. W I eventually left for DC right after that year (it […]

kate // kennesaw mountain portraits


Friday’s shoot, we went to kennesaw mountain to take some portraits in the winter light. The day was filled with cold hands, red noses, and lots of giggles. enjoy.