Will you travel?

Traveling has my heart. Absolutely.

How do you approach posing?

My desire is to create art that is honest and sincere. My style and method is simply observing, and letting the moments and joy unfold naturally. Rather that directing the entire time, I prefer to slowly move my clients into a pose that allows the freedom to be genuine. I understand that as the photographer it is my job to make my client feel comfortable in front of my camera (I am always a bit nervous in front of the camera, so I feel you!). I promise I will make you laugh and be your friend throughout our time together. We'll make some lovely art and it will be one swell time.

Do you photograph family formals? 

Of course! It wouldn't be a wedding without them, now would it?

tips for beginners?

I preach this to myself daily: Don't post work you're not proud of. Push your camera and your gear to its limit. Edit the same image more than once. Don't try to be the artist that you're not. Be intentional in your work, creating things that hold meaning to you. Know that you will, without a doubt, feel discouraged and have awful, uninspiring shoots. Push yourself. Don't be afraid to say no. Dare to fail. Above all, be thankful.


I typically deliver anywhere between 65-75 film and digital photographs for every hour shot.

When can I see the images and how do you deliver them?

My turnaround time is 2-4 weeks for lifestyle shoots, and 4-6 weeks for weddings. I will e-mail you a link to your private, online gallery from which you will be able to download all of your images at once and share them with friends.

Do you have backup gear?

I have backups for my backups.

how do I book?

To reserve your date, I require a non-refundable retainer; half of the total balance and a signed contract. 

Can I share my images on social media?

Definitely, please share! All that I request is that my images remain the way they were delivered and that credit is given, linking back to my website. 

I'm ready to book you for my wedding! what should i do next?

To move forward and secure your wedding date, the first step is e-mail me to let me know that you are ready to move forward! We can chat more details from there. :)