What to Expect

The experience + Timeline


Average Investment: 4600 | 4-12 Month Process

01. Interest

If you connect with my portfolio and aesthetic, send me a quick e-mail about your wedding. We’ll jump on a quick 30-minute call to ensure we are a natural fit and so that I can answer any questions you might have.

It’s a great way to put a voice to a name, and get to know each other. I am excited to hear all about you, your love, and your wedding!

.05 You're hitched!

Throw all the confetti! You've made it. Take in all of today and breathe it in. Don't worry about the logistics of the day. My assistant and I will arrive to your wedding on the day-of a little bit early, to scout out the location and determine all the places we should go for the best light. You can expect around 60-80 final images per hour to be delivered to your private online gallery within 45 days of your wedding.

.02 Making it official

After our phone call, if you believe that we are meant to be, let’s make it happen! To reserve your wedding date on my calendar, simply pay your 50% retainer and sign your copy of the contract, and we’ll well be on our way!

If you’ve decided to have an engagement session (which I hope you did!), then, we’ll start planning to create the session: discussing times, locations, and how to style it to perfection!

.06 Right after the fact

The night that I get home from photographing your wedding, I go home and back up all of my photos, in 3 different locations. I don’t want any of your memories to be at risk! I also send off your film to my professional lab the next business day, for it to be developed. As you wait for your images, you’ll also get a digital preview of a few images 1-2 days after your wedding and a questionnaire from me to hear about your wedding experience.

.03 you've got mail

We are so thankful that you’ve trusted us with the privilege of capturing one of the most important days of your life. Sending a little something something is the least I can do! I’ll also send you a customized wedding questionnaire that will help you plan out the photography aspects of your wedding day. Things like the best portrait, ceremony, family photo times, will be discussed, and I’ll be here to help you every step of the way.


.07 you won't be waiting for long!

During this time, I will go through all of your wedding photos, making sure to get rid of the photographs where individuals might be talking mid-sentence, blinking, or anything else that is unflattering. This is where the magic happens, and each of your photographs are edited one by one to make sure that your final photography gallery is perfect, coehsive, and beautiful. 

.04 Delve Deep!

I will touch base with you throughout the months and during the final weeks leading up to your wedding to ensure that everything is perfect and finalized for your wedding day. My clients have unlimited access to me, and we can talk about anything and everything you want – whether that be us getting together to work on your timeline, helping you pick out your vendors, or just being a listening ear, I’m here to serve you!


.08 Pop the Bubbly!

Within 45 days of your wedding, you’ll get all of your beautiful images e-mailed to you and your fiancé in a private, online viewing gallery, from which you can download all of your high resolution images, order prints, and share with family/friends. You also might get a little something from me, too. ;) Time to celebrate!